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Träskyddsföreningen samlar bilder på Pinterest för att inspirera till nya och bättre byggprojekt för samhällsbyggare, proffs och dom som bygger eget.

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  • Streetlife: Outdoor seating for city of Amiens, France 1 of 4
  • Gridshell Toledo - a construction experiment focusing on sustainability and innovation, using local wood with no glue or chemicals for the structure and skin laid in a geometric pattern to provide shade and comfort in the urban fabric
  • Foto: Torben Eskerod.
  • Henderson Wave Bridge, pedestrian bridge in Singapore  Pengen banget kesini lagi. Di Southern Ridges ini kita bisa hiking sampe Mount Faber atau duduk-duduk santai di jembatan unik Henderson Waves ini.  Desainnya yang unik dan semilir angin sepoi-sepoi bikin betah banget buat refreshing dari hiruk pikuknya kehidupan 'kota' Singapura.  #SGTravelBuddy
  • greenbay1_blog
  • Life@Ladprao 18 Condominium Garden by Shma Design « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
  • This drone footage captures the walkway along Chicago's riverfront over one year after Sasaki and Ross Barney Architects transformed it into a busy public space, featuring fishing platforms and a spot for kayaking.
  • Набережная "Акер Брюгге" в Осло, Норвегия: m_arch — LiveJournal
  • outdoor lighting fixtures for yard landscaping and outdoor rooms
  • Bostanlı Footbridge & Sunset Lounge / steb, © ZM Yasa Architecture Photography
  • Latest little project completed is an area at Paddington, London which we integrated LED strips into the underside of the timber seating and up-lit the trees.  The space is used for an outdoor cinema in the summer, with the gap in the centre of the...
  • Lighting at Sørenga, Oslo, Norway. iGuzzini on Instagram. #iGuzzini #l #architecture #led
  • parkERs |グリーンを活かした空間デザイン、オフィスの室内緑化ならパーカーズ
  • William-Buckley-Bridge-by-Peter-Elliot-Architecture-and-Urban-Design-01 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
  • From Neglected to Extraordinary. The Story of the Qian’an Sanlihe Greenway
  • En lösning att skydda mot vind uppe på terrassen. Även bra som avdelare. Kanske kan sätta hjul under?
  • Würth La Rioja Museum Gardens / Dom Arquitectura  The landscapes irregular lines, widen and narrow, intersect and intertwine, and adapt to the solar topography. Volumes of  wood protrude from the ground, concrete walls and walkway like rocks become walking tours and rest areas.
  • Unfolding Terrace by Terrain-NYC. Clever use of Lumilum Cool White waterproof strip lighting
  • Ridiculous Amenity Alert : From Bocce to Dog Spas, NYC Rentals With Outrageous Perks
  • love the bamboo and the grey. ...HINT: to prevent bamboo's infamous spread, plant bamboo within planters. The roots are then contained and cannot form running shoots throughout your yard... and the neighbor's yard...
  • This modern sculpted, modular roof deck is 600 square feet in size and surrounded by greenery.
  • Из архива дизайнера (часть 1) За много лет собрался почтенный архив удивительных находок и красивых решений в мире вещей окружающих нас. Почему бы не поделиться этими достижениями в области разумной красоты. Начну публикацию с подборки простой вещи – решётки для дерева или приствольные…
  • Works / 立正大学 熊谷キャンパス - オンサイト計画設計事務所
  • Trädäck och altaner med inbyggda funktioner
  • Incredible Landscape Architecture Design (28)

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